Toby Schrapel

Toby Schrapel

Toby Schrapel is a PHP developer & consultant and digital nomad that is currently living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Talk to me

Using SimpleSAMLPHP with Laravel Valet

May 23, 2017

Open your Add the following and replace where ever you installed Simple SAML.Run

Deploying Sage 9 / Blade Templates to WP Engine using Gitlab CI Pipelines

May 07, 2017

I was recently working on a project that was hosted on WP Engine. I wanted to use things like Composer or Yarn and after speaking to others…

How to modify and patch WordPress core on your live site safely using Composer patches

October 16, 2016 typically make a major release every 3-4 months. This usually introduces a bunch of useful features but they also fix a lot of…