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Deploying Sage 9 / Blade Templates to WP Engine using Gitlab CI Pipelines

I was recently working on a project that was hosted on WP Engine. I wanted to use things like Composer or Yarn and after speaking to others they recommended trying out DeployBot as a continuous deployment tool. I found the platform to be quite restrictive and spent a lot of time getting it to work how I’d like. I had been deploying to staging for months to demo to the client. When I...

How to modify and patch WordPress core on your live site safely using Composer patches typically make a major release every 3-4 months. This usually introduces a bunch of useful features but they also fix a lot of bugs and issues people have been experiencing with the previous versions. Most of the time you probably don’t notice these problems as WordPress in general is a stable piece of software. This can be a problem if there is a bug in WordPress that affects...

Toby Schrapel WordPress Consultant & Developer

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